Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening
Photography by Karen Schuld - Instagram #sproutsinthehood

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Preparing Beds for Planting and Cover Crops

New Roots Garden in Mid March
Hairy Vetch a Cover Crop that Releases Nitrogen Into Soil

Close-up of Roots with the Bacteria Rhizobium
Cover Crop Close-Up

Turning Over the Hairy Vetch, which Promote Nitrogen Rich Soil from the Rhizobium
Ursula Uprooting Hairy Vecht
After Cover Crop is Removed, Soil will be Ready for Planting

Cover Crop, Buckwheat
Buckwheat, Cover Crop, Decomposing for Compost
Pulling The Buckwheat Out of the Bed
Raking Out the Green Buckwheat from Roots
Little Worm from Garden Bed
Volunteer Turning Over the Buckwheat to Expose Roots and Bury the Green
Ursula and Khadeesha Turning Over Buckwheat, Cover Crop

Prepping Raised Beds For Spring Planting
Volunteer Picking up Straw that was Protecting Soil From Winter's Elements

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  1. Today Green-up workshop was about the value of growing cover crops in the soil. You start the cover crop in fall, then in spring you remove the cover crop. This will make soil nutrient rich, while also adding protection from wind and water erosion. The green crop can be turned under, so the roots are on top and the green is in the dirt.