Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening
Photography by Karen Schuld - Instagram #sproutsinthehood

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Planting Seeds in Starter Trays at Bissel Gardens

Bissel Garden Mural
Students Starting Seeds in Trays

Mixing the ORGANIC Potting Soil to Perfect Consistency
Waster the Soil, So It Can Be Shaped into a Loose Ball
Filling the Starter Trays with Prepared Dirt

Organic Soil with Perlite Being Placed in Tray
Heirloom Seeds to Place in Starter Trays
Placing Seeds Into Tray
Watering Seeds To Germinate

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  1. I learned some great gardening tips in today's class: Choose organic soil for your starter seeds. DO NOT use Miracle Grow, which is owned by Monsanto! Also, root vegetables, such as carrots, radishes, should be started directly in the garden bed. Although, beets can be started in a tray.