Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening
Photography by Karen Schuld - Instagram #sproutsinthehood

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fall Tree Trimming, Mulching with Leaves,and Composting at Botanical Square Community Garden

Botanical Square Community Garden
Compost Bin with Compost

Close-up of Leaves and Organic Matter in Compost

Volunteer Gardner with Shears for Tree Trimming

Covering Fall Gardens with Leaves for the Perfect Nitrogen Rich Mulch
Trimming Trees with Shears

Garden View with Metro North Train Passing By
Cutting up Sticks and Leaves For Mulch

Tree Prunning
Identifying Branches to Trim

Tree Pruning
Pruning Shears

Cut Tree Branches and Leaves for Mulch

Botanical Square Head Gardner

Beautiful Head of Cabbage

Raking Leaves For Mulch

Planting Bulbs For Next Growing Season

Our Garden Team

Cutting Brush for Compost

Adding Dead Growth to Compost Bin

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